FAQ’s About Reviews

Being a baby boomer that has grown children and even a grandchild, my tastes have changed through the years. But I noticed something recently…company’s haven’t been keeping up with my age group.

Most ads are geared towards tweens or young families. I guess that means they hold the purse strings these days-at least that’s what the big CEO’s of these company’s must think. Pity.

We still shop, eat, and enjoy good entertainment. And not all of us are wearing ‘adult diapers’ or dentures. We aren’t ready to be represented that way either. Hence the change in this blog. I will no longer post links for coupons or freebies. But the name ‘I Heart Bargains’ will still apply.

I have decided to review products from my point of view. Please understand a couple of important things though. I am not employed by anyone. I am not compensated for my reviews. This might change later, but I will tell you up front if someone or a company has asked for my opinion. BUT…I will still not be pulling any punches.

It won’t all be flowery comments. But if something is good, I will say so, and if it’s bad (in my opinion) I will tell you. I am a writer and photographer, so I will be posting photo’s of the items I am reviewing. If you have any questions about any of it, just ask. I won’t lie to you. You have my word.


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